Evan Chu

Computer software engineer

With 25 years of experience in mobile, web, and desktop environments. Certified as AWS Developer Associate.


Who am I?

Travels & Photography

Ozark Mountains in Arkansas

October 2022. Photography workshop in the Ozark Mountains of Arkansas state, USA.

Olympic Peninsula in Washington

June 2022. Photography workshop in the Olympic Peninsula in western Washington state, USA.

Rocky Mountains in Colorado

July 2021. In southwestern Colorado state, USA, a photography workshop in the Rocky Mountains.

Canyon de Chelly

October 2019. Photography workshop at Canyon de Chelly in Navajo Nation in Arizona state.


May 2019. In Namibia in southern Africa, I explore its landscape, wildlife, and culture.

New York City

October 2018. One week in New York City.

Portland, Oregon

May 2018. Explore Portland in U.S. state of Oregon.

Grand Canyon's North Rim

September 2017. Landscape photography workshop at Grand Canyon National Park's North Rim.

Highlights of Vancouver, Canada

May 2017. Vancouver's cultural and natural highlights.

Andalusia Region of Spain

May 2016. Explore southern Spain by hiking and sightseeing.

Vancouver, Canada

October 2015. Short visit to Vancouver city in British Columbia province of Canada.

Maritime Provinces of Canada

September 2015. Seven-day cruise from Montréal, Canada, to Boston, U.S.A.


April 2015. Experience the culture of Cuba before major changes occur.

Barcelona, Spain

March 2015. Short visit to Barcelona, Spain.

Québec City, Canada

September 2014. Brief three-day tour of Québec City; concentrating on the old Québec.


April 2014. Walking and hiking in cities, mountains, and desert of Morocco.

Québec region of Canada

September 2013. Walking and hiking in Québec City and the Charleviox region of Canada.

Monument Valley

May 2013. Landscape photography workshop at Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park.

Japan Impressions

May 2012. Two weeks to absorb my first impressions of Japan.

Acadia National Park

September 2011. On the coast of Maine, at the beginning of fall, I explored Acadia National Park.

Death Valley

March 2011. Landscape photography workshop at Death Valley National Park.

Garden of Lights

November 2010. At Brookside Gardens in Maryland state, U.S.A., see the Garden of Lights.


May 2010. On a photographic safari, I saw diverse wildlife and landscape. The Washington Post selected my photo as a honorable mention in the 2010 Travel Photo Contest.

Madison, Wisconsin

September 2009. Madison is a small and vibrant city that is the capital of Wisconsin state, U.S.A.

Brookside Gardens

May 2009. In a public garden in Maryland state, U.S.A., I photographed butterflies.

Costa Rica

March 2009. Costa Rica gave me an introduction to the tropical environment.

Solomons, Maryland

October 2008. This small town on the shore of the Chesapeake Bay, U.S.A., was perfect for a short retreat.

Canada's Rocky Mountains

June 2008. This trip emphasized places on the United Nation's World Heritage list.

Arlington National Cemetery

April 2008. A fantastic view of Washington, DC, can be seen from the Arlington House.

Southeast Alaska

May 2007. A small-ship cruise around the Inside Passage that emphasized nature.

San Francisco

May 2006. The views from the hills were fantastic.

Colorado Plateau

May 2005. The beautiful landscapes in northern Arizona and southern Utah were unforgettable.

Las Vegas

October 2004. This fascinating city was a feast for the senses.

World War II Memorial

September 2004. This memorial in Washington, DC, just opened a few months ago.


May 2003. New York City is big and this is just a tiny part of it.


November 1996. On a business trip to Salt Lake City, I took my camera.