3 Days in Utah

During early November, 1996, I spent three days touring and photographing the region around Salt Lake City, Utah, U.S.A. My first impression of the region was the magnificent Wasatch Mountain that fills the horizon with its snow-capped summits and steep slopes.

My first destination was the Mormon Temple in downtown Salt Lake City. I took the 45-minute guided tour of the various buildings around the Temple. The tour started out at the back of the Temple under the flag pole. After the tour I photographed the front view of the Temple near dusk.

I traveled away from Salt Lake City on Interstate I-80 west. The Great Salt Lake was the second destination. With the exception of the Dead Sea, the Great Salt Lake is the saltiest body of water on earth.

Continuing on I-80 west, I entered the Great Salt Lake Desert, which consists of silt that is the bed of the extinct Lake Bonneville. The Bonneville Salt Flats is also in this region. The vast area of white salt makes it look like a sandy beach or fresh snow.