Evan Chu
Personal Projects

Inside this website

This website uses Apache web server, Cascading Style Sheets, JavaScript, CakePHP framework, Silk Icons, Yahoo User Interface Library, and Google Maps. It features:

  • Architecture that uses the CakePHP framework.
  • Photo slideshow that uses HTML, CSS, and JavaScript; view a slideshow.
  • Customized Google Maps.
  • Layout that adjusts to the resizing of the browser window and font.
  • Identical layout on Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, and Apple Safari.
  • Version control system that uses Git.

ClearCase automation scripts

The ClearCase product "offers complete software configuration management," according to IBM. It has hundreds of features. Most of which I do not understand clearly and probably do not need. Our team uses it to store source code and manage its versions. I wrote shell scripts to automate some ClearCase tasks.